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Big Boys and EBBs

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I have a friend who is gonna get into single speeding. He weighs 245 pounnds. He mentioned a concern about EBBs in terms of durability but my sense is that it is probably not an issue but of course I could be wrong.

I assume that some of you are near or beyond the 245 lb mark and ride a frame with an EBB. I would greatly appreciate your insight into EBBs for Clydes.

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I've been from 240 to 220, on my pinch style EBB for four years. NEVER had an issue with it.

uhg. This fockin qustion deserves to be pinned(nothin' to you FoShiz).
Not an issue

buy the EBB for the clyde. Anyone who says differently is retarded and just trying to be difficult.
thanks for the reply....very helpful to get this feedback.
At 6'5" and 240+ back then, I didn't have good luck with the Bushy expanding wedge EBB. Couldn't stop it from creaking and such.

The pinch bolt style on me Vulture has been nothing less than spectacular! I don't even have to tighten it up all that much.....quiet as a church mouse.
..Agree.. the EBB will be fine. One of my mates is like the "jolly green giant" and rides EBB's with no problems. He's a monster Maori warrior with arms and legs like tree trunks.. :)

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