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I have my bike converted to 69 with a 44,5 cm carbon fork and a 29er wheel. I have shown a picture with the clearance on that wheel/fork combination and another picture with the seat-to-bar drop on that bike. I show my road bike also and, although I have not worried too much about the measurement, the drop on that bike feels about the same--both comfortable.
I'm a fairly tall rider with big bikes (6'1; long relative inseam). I am ready to convert my wife's bike which is a much smaller frame. My bikes both have a 19 inch seattube c to c. Her bike is 13 1/2 c to c, and, as you can see, she uses a lot less seatpost than I do. We want to set her bike up with a carbon fork and a 650B front wheel. The fork on her bike now is 45 cm, slightly taller than my carbon fork. So, I'm planning a 42.5 carbon fork with the 650B wheel in front, which should drop her front end somewhat from the current setup. Does this seem like the right thing to do? I think a 29er would be outrageous on her bike. Anything wrong with the current setups that I should change?


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