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Big Bear trail advice needed

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I'm heading up to Big Bear for the holiday weekend with my Enduro SL Expert. I was wondering if there are any good trails that are not part of snow summit. Looking for "all mountain" (haha) trails- technical or fast flowy descents a plus.

I'm not sure if they'll let me on the lift with my Enduro- it being dual crown 6" and only 2 chainrings.

Thanks in advance!
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I have heard various stories where some are allowed up with 2 rings and a dual crown and others were denied.

The only 2 trails I know we used to run all the time off the summit property were pirates and falline, both east of the lift off the fire road (2n10) that runs along the ridge.
thanks. wondering also if there are any trails on the other side of the lake worth checking out as well?
MonkeyDigsMTB said:
thanks. wondering also if there are any trails on the other side of the lake worth checking out as well?
I have not been on any trails over there, One time we took a trip up in october, and missed being able to use the lifts by 1 week, :madman: so we rode up a fireroad west of Fawnskin up to a Forrest service fire lookout cabin. It was not anything exciting, but made for a very good workout, I think it was 11 or 12 miles round trip. Sorry i could not be of more help, hopefully someone else chimes in for you.
A couple of friends and I will be heading up there this Friday morning. Should be a blast!
South of Willow Road in Big Bear Lake there are miles & miles of trails; some of them have maintained jumps over fallen trees & stuff. Not much good for DH but a f***in blast for XC. I was out there for the Rim Nordic 12 hour race last week and my cabin in Moonridge backed right onto the trails.

If you go to Snow Summit you can ride 2N08 and 2N10 for a cardio workout; go through the gate behind the condos and follow the single track.
A couple

The trail I've ridden in Fawnskin is called grout bay; it's a fun xc trail but not all that technical.
My favorite ride around summit is riding up the left side of the mountain up the singletrack, turn right on the fireroad, around the back of the mountain out to grand view point, down pine knott trtail (the best part) which dumps you out on the main road by the alpine slide, then rise through the village to town trail (I think) back to summit. 12 or 13 miles.
got back from big bear. took the lift and did pine know, cabin 89, pirates, and fern trail. pirates and fern were the better ones but still not all that good. not really worth the money for the lift. They did let me up on my 2 chainring Enduro SL Expert. Also rode the Cougar Crest trail on the other side of the lake which was far superior to anything I found lift accessible at Summit. It was a nice descent with some technical sections. Next time I'll explore the Hannah Flats, Grout Bay, Grey's Peak areas.
Very sweet, lll be up on wed to ride with my buddy who lives in green valley.

What was the cost of the lift? Trying to see if we should just take trails to arrowhead instead
MonkeyDigsMTB said:
They did let me up on my 2 chainring Enduro SL Expert. .
Good to know. I wonder how they would react if I showed up with my full face helmet and pads.....
I saw guys riding the XC trails with FF lids and body armor...
Anyway, only pussies put their bike on the lift, real men ride up! ;) The lift fee is $7 for rider + bike, BTW.
The lift fee is $10 per rider and bike (adult) or $20 for the day.

We had a blast up there this past Friday. Its about a 20 minute ride up on the lift and 40 minutes down (for us anyway) We rode mainly single track down off of 2N10 and some of it was pretty hairy. Lots of sandy trail, loose rocks etc..some of the single track has lots of fallen trees to over-come and most of the trees have man-made ramps on em.

I'm very new to mtb riding so for me Snow Summit was awesome fun and even challenging in some spots but I figue it to be way too easy going for many of you more experienced riders.

That said I can not wait to go back!
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