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Big Basin rebuilding survey, take 10min to advocate for MTB!

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California State Parks is gathering public input on how to rebuild Big Basin. Now is a great time to advocate for more MTB access.

Please take a few minutes to be heard and to establish as users who deserve equitable access and would disproportionally benefit from opening access to more distant, low foot traffic trails. My kids and I want to bike to the ocean through (torched) redwoods!
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Thanks for the link. Done.
Survey seems to be broken (or at least doesn't work for me).

Before the CZU fire, you can bike to the ocean via Gazos Creek Road (which is gravel and pretty reasonably challenging). About the last 3 or 4 miles to the coast is paved.
BTW, living in the torched redwoods can fuck with your head after awhile. But the good news is a lot of them are regenerating. It is kind of a cool process to see.
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"I'd like to see Big Basin via bicycle, and hope that a sparse network of narrow trails that reach all edges of the park will be established to allow visitors the wonderful opportunity to see the park without driving in. This would make Big Basin a premier stop for cycle tourists along the coast with minimal cost and minimal impact."
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Thanks. Filled it out. Even got wife to do one. We camp there, and cook marshmallows.
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Done, thank you. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to see future postings. They have a series of partly interactive webinars (real time input is just through polling so far).
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