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This is your opportunity to review and comment on the planning goals and draft proposals for the Big Basin Redwoods State Park General Plan. The meeting is on Saturday, March 26 from 12 to 4 p.m. at the Felton Community Hall, 6191 Highway 9, in Felton, CA.

If you would like to comment about the "Preferred Alternative" but cannot attend the public meeting, please e-mail: [email protected] or write to:
California State Parks Planning Division
Big Basin Redwoods SP Planning Team
P.O. Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

To mail us your written questions or comments, click this Questions and Comments sheet link, and send to the address above.

March 2011 - Public Meeting Notice and Newsletter

The Preferred Alternative will be presented at the March 26th meeting, which represents the concept for preserving the prime natural and cultural features, while maintaining traditional park activities and programs. You can preview the Preferred Alternative goals and recommended actions in the following table and maps by clicking on the links below:
Preferred Alternative
Wilderness and Backcountry - Map 1
Waddell Beach and Rancho del Oso (RDO) - Map 2
Park Headquarters and Sky Meadow - Map 3
Saddle Mountain and Hwy. 236 - Map 4
Little Basin - Map 5

Park Conditions, Goals and Issues
Wilderness and Backcountry
Saddle Mountain and Highway 236
Park Headquarters and Sky Meadow
Waddell Beach and Rancho del Oso
Little Basin
Natural Resources
Cultural Resources

February 4 & 6, 2010 Public Meeting

A General Plan Public Meeting in an open house atmosphere was held on February 4 and February 6, 2010. The public commented on the Alternatives presented for the future of Big Basin Redwoods State Park. The planning possibilities for the future of Big Basin as presented in the three alternative plans received mixed reviews. The two public meetings were well attended and the feedback that we received expressed continued interests for park access and trails to support equestrians, bicyclists, hikers; also with concerns by individuals, neighbors and representatives from various organizations for the protection of redwood forests, wilderness areas, historic buildings, and long-term management of and stewardship of park resources. A summary of public comments is available for review.

Input from these meetings and further environmental analysis was used to develop a Preferred Alternative, shown above.

February 2010 Public Meeting Notice
February 2010 Newsletter
Summary of Alternative Planning Concepts

Alternative Highlights:
Alternative #1 Highlights
Alternative #2 Highlights
Alternative #3 Highlights

Alternative Concept Diagrams (maps):
Big Basin Alternative #1
Rancho del Oso (RDO) Alternative #1
Big Basin Alternative #2
Rancho del Oso (RDO) Alternative #2
Big Basin Alternative #3
Rancho del Oso (RDO) Alternative #3

PowerPoint Presentation

A survey was taken shortly before the Feb. 4 and Feb. 6, 2010 public meetings from a select audience who had camped at Big Basin Redwoods SP in 2009. Campers were primarily from outside the region, but not for all responders. This information will help the General Planning Team understand what activities campers like to do or expect to do at Big Basin. As of March 17, of the 6578 people who were sent the survey by e-mail, 1831 completed it (almost 28 percent - a high return). Since this survey was sent to campers, as expected, the activity that most respondents wanted to do was "camping" (96 percent), followed by "hiking" (83 percent), "relaxing in the outdoors" (75 percent), and "walking for pleasure" (62 percent). To see the complete survey results, click here.

Resource and Planning Maps
These maps were developed from data collected for this regional planning effort (all PDF):
Regional (8.5 MB)
Location (8.1 MB)
Existing Facilities (6.3 MB)
Roads and Trails (6.4 MB)
Roads and Trails Key (127 KB)
Earthquake Fault Zones (7.4 MB)
Watersheds(8.9 MB)
Coastal Zone (1.2 MB)
Natural Resource Sensitivity (8.3 MB)
Cultural Resources (6.0 MB)
Planning Zones (9.4 MB)
Vegetation Communities (1 MB)
Wildlife Habitat (6.6 MB)

The General Plan also serves as a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the purposes of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In fulfillment of CEQA guidelines, California State Parks filed the Big Basin Redwoods SP Notice of Preparation (PDF, 3 pages) for the General Plan/ EIR.


Regional Planning Approach
The Big Basin Redwoods State Park General Plan is being developed as part of a regional planning effort, along with the recently completed general plans for Butano State Park and Año Nuevo State Park. These parks share many natural and cultural characteristics, and have similar visitor demographics. Each one also has its own outstanding features and visitor opportunities. This planning process recognizes the potential for regional collaboration between these and other nearby public lands in resource protection, recreation, interpretation, and park management.

Three public workshops were held during the early planning stages. Participants learned about the planning process, reviewed the resource data, and provided input on issues, concerns, and recommendations for the park's future. Using this input, the planning team has been developing alternative concepts and preliminary plan guidelines for public review.

Newsletters were sent out to announce meetings and report on progress (PDF format):

Big Basin Newsletter #1 Sept. 2001
Big Basin Newsletter #2 Dec. 2001
Big Basin Special Anniversary Update Newsletter Sept. 2002
Big Basin Newsletter #3 Aug. 2003
Big Basin Newsletter #4 Feb. 2010
Big Basin - Public Meeting Notice and Newsletter - March 2011

The March 26, 2011 Public Meeting will be held to receive feedback and answer questions on the Preferred Alternative. Input will be used to produce the Preliminary General Plan and Draft EIR to be available for public review in fall-winter 2011. Public comments on the EIR are an important part of the CEQA public review process. The California State Park and Recreation Commission will hold a public meeting in 2012 to take action towards approval of the Big Basin Redwoods State Park General Plan.

Public meeting dates, times, and locations will be posted on this Website when they are finalized. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, e-mail [email protected], or write to the Planning Division at the above address.

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I hope the mountain bike community and IMBA will be well represented here. This plan may our best hope to get some more limited mountain bike access considered, if only a bike trail connection to the Waddell Creek trail from HQ.
As expected, the equestrians prefer to keep the park to themselves and bikes off all single track. The poll of the camping public indicated only interest in hiking (duh, there's no good mountain biking there right now). The rangers want to expand the state wilderness area, where mechanized transportation (i.e. bikes) are not allowed.
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