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Big Apple 29ers

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I just bought a new 2009 Redline Monocog 29er, Single Speed, I exchanged the stock saddle for an Inline HD saddle. Installing new Schwalbe “Big Apple” HS 338 Fatty Bicycle 29x2.35, All-round Wire Beaded Tires, as most of my riding is on city streets. Those knobby tires are great riding off road, however I think the air cushion ride will make that morning ride a lot more comfortable! Bicycle has upgraded disc brakes!

The Monocog 21” chromoly Frame with a 45.5” Wheelbase is the biggest bike frame on the market that I know of for an "out of the box" bike! This is a big man's bike! Priced out at $650.00 with upgrades, boy what a deal!:thumbsup:
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congrats BTW!
Dirty Apples

Rad tire for dirt riding! I have these on my KHS Solo One and it rips on the dirt with the Big Apples!

My Big Apples are on their way, for my Bandersnatch 1x9 build. Same reason as you - wanted fast-rolling yet comfy tires.

How's the ride on tarmac? And do post photos of what these bad-ass puppies look like!
They feel like a cruiser tire on the road depending of course on the PSI. I would post a pick but wife has forbidden me of taking any more pictures of my bikes- especially if she sees me crouching down on all fours trying to take a shot of my bike's tires. She thinks there is something perverted about it- I think she is jealous -
I have rolled about 300 miles on my BA 29x2.35 so far and I am more in love with these tires than any I have ever owned. The Kenda Karma's that came with bike have been great and climb like a goat, but I also love to ride the roads and rail trails and the noise and vibration was making me nuts. I am a voyeur by nature and love to ride at night, now I can do it under the radar:cool:

I am a clyde at 250, and I run at 45# up front and #50 on the back and it seems to be the perfect setting to take the bumps out and still have the speed. The BA's are heavy, but once they get rolling, "wheee!". One thing to watch, when you have to slam the brakes, they don't stop like your knobs did. Play with that.

Last night I rode the 20 mile loop on the Tunnel Hill Trail. The BA's just float the crushed gravel. I had an avg of 14mph over the 20 in 1:25

Fat Guy-Fat Tires-Fat Tire

Ain't they pretty?

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Post some pics. I'm going to be upgrading the stock ExiWolf's with some Racing Ralph 2.4's. Big tires are definitely the ticket if you're on a rigid.
Monocog pics before

Here is my Brusier Crusier before it went to get new skins! '09 Monocog 29er Single Speed - 21" 4130 Chromoly Frame with stock V-Brakes, Alexrims with WTB Weirwolf 2.3 knobby tires. Inline Heavy Duty MTB Saddle. Currently in shop getting new disc brakes and a set of Schwalbe "Big Apple" HS 338 Fatty Bicycle 29x2.35 balloon tires. This bike probalby will never see anything but asphalt! Those BA's should really smooth out the ride.


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big apples are cool, some of the newer off road tires run just as fast and are lighter imo, but cost more of coarse
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Big Apples are a lot of fun. My sub-5'2" wife loves them on her new urban assault bike

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If you're only going to be riding on pavement, you may want to consider switching out that 20t cog with something smaller. I would recommend a 16t. The 32/20 gearing might end up being a little too slow for you around town. Have fun!
+1 on the Big Apples. I have been using them on my rigid and they are great for dirt roads, rail trials, paved roads, etc. They also do suprisingly well on single track if you stay within thier limits. I played with the tire pressure a bit as I initially had too much pressure in them and I would bounce off every bump. I eventually settled on 42# front and rear. I wiegh about 185.
Added some pics with the new Big Apples above! I also changed out that 20t cog for a 16t made quite a difference and exactly what I wanted out of the bike. Those tires roll sooooo smooth it is hard to believe! Speed increased dramatically.
Just uploaded some new pics of my big apple equipped Dillinger.

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Does anyone have experience with the new liteskin big apples? Does the 200 gram per tire weight difference make a large difference or not? They are about twice as expensive as the originals ~$60 vs ~$33. Is there a less expensive source for the liteskins?
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