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Just thought I'd warn everybody, do not use I ordered some grips from them on May 27th and still haven't received them. I've emailed them twice and received an automated response both times telling me that someone would email me, but nobody has ever emailed me back. I actually reached a live person via phone about three weeks ago, and they told me they would check into my order and call me back. No callback. Now they are not answering their phone. I Googled their name and found other bad threads about them. Sounds like this is normal behavior for this poor excuse for a company. I left a nasty message this morning on their answering machine. If I don't hear from them by end of day I am calling visa to get my money back.

Just a warning.

- Jeff

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Avoid this Seller - Still Waiting on my CatEye

Well my deal with them has not ended so well. After 4 attempts to contact via email (1) / ebay messages (3) I called them and after 3 attempts finally got a live body. Said item was shipped July 13 (ordered July 6) . Said it was due to just getting the item back in stock - Funny, when i won the item they had several in stock.

Left a negative Ebay Feed back:
"AVOID SELLER. Deceptive Quantities. Slow Shipping. No respond after 4 attempts"

Seller Retaliated with:

I do not know what they wanted. I paid the same day it was Won - I DON'T THINK THIS CONSTITUTES A DEADBEAT. Sent 4 messages/emails after not recieving in 11 days I called. Said it had been back ordered. Left negative feedback about shipping. (ebay / paypal lets you file a claim after 10 days - not business days - but i did not file a claim yet). Will be filing a claim on Friday July 20.

Avoid this Ebay Seller Or BicycleSource.US

Dirty Dealers.
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