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Bicycle seat for tubby?

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So now that I've got my brand new bike (much thanks to the people in this forum) I'm looking for a comfortable seat, as it seems to have come with one that is made out of CEMENT or something equally hard and unpleasant.

I'm 5'10', 230 lbs.. I do not ride off-road, just commuting and riding around town, city streets only.

Budget is my main concern.

Any good, soft seats for under $50?

(My butt hurts but riding is just so fun I can't stop!! :))
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How long have you been riding? I just ask because if not for too long you might give it just a bit more time and the pain should go away. It took me a couple weeks of riding before I was riding pain free as far as that area of my body is concerned. Other than that I can't help cause I am on the stock seat that came on my bike with no issues after the first weeks like I said. Padded shorts may also help some too.
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