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Bicycle Hater page on Facebook

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If you are on Facebook you might want to check out:

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Ignore it. It's just another complainer living among us causing problems for others. I bet that whiner is a person who goes shopping and leaves their cart in the middle of the isle so the rest can't get through and when you say excuse me they look at you as if you're a bad person. They're just trouble. We can't ride on most sidewalks (Around here there are no sidewalks) because we get in the way of others. We can't ride in the roads because we slow traffic. I'm sure there's other complaints out there!

What are we suppose to do? Stfu and not ride so we can sit around talking nonsense and start to look like slobs? or how about sit and watch reruns of old Law & Orders or crappy Charmed (Old men love Charmed I suppose) all day everyday? I'm sure the cable companies would love that! (money money money) Damnit... I feel like getting out my soap box and preaching!

These type of people drive me crazy.

I saw this on the left side when I was viewing that scrub page on myspace.

No matter how far to the left you are, you're taking up my road.

My car is hard, and i am not slowing down!
I just love stupidity.
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I was surprised to see this pic on that page


I am blown away that someone actually found humor in this pic
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That is friggen hilarious. And that they have 31000 fans...WOW!

Kinda satisfying that it bothers them so much that they have to make a page. It's an indication that they aren't always getting their way like a spoiled brat.

Least there are some people posting comments supporting cyclists.
My bro got hit by a truck years back and the guy never said sorry when it was a fact that he didn't pay any attention when driving. Year later he died.

Sucks but I guess what goes around comes around.
I encourage those on facebook to join this page. There is some radical hate directed towards cyclists voiced on there but there are also plenty of opponents voicing their opinions and support of road cyclists and commuters. Granted it's just a big $hit-storm of personal views going back and forth and normally I wouldn't involve myself in something so argumentative. However, the fact that some of the people on there think it's funny to express their desire to use their car as a tool to get cyclists off the road scares me and if nothing else, it is giving me some scary viewpoints to consider the next time I commute to work, or the gym, or just out on a ride.
Notcing all those whiners are from kids. No discipline these days it seems.
Why is that page still up? Facebook is slacking a bit it seems. It looks like a "hate group" to me doesn't it?
my world will never be the same i guess it is true that we suck, only now is it truly clear to me. thank you 12 year old's of facebook for lifting the veil
If you don't like it - report it to FB. I did.
If bikers from each state takes on a few of these haters addresses we can bop them with our saddle and peel out of their before the cops show up.

Who's with me?

No one?

Okay... off to the gym... :(
Dion said:
If you don't like it - report it to FB. I did.
i already did, too. i hope they get the message.
UBUgoat said:
i already did, too. i hope they get the message.
I reported it as well. Friggin facebook, why do I even bother with it????
Its a good reminder for us that there are people like this out there and to watch your ass when riding at all times.
taking a quick glance through the "fans" of this page, it amazes me how many are riding bicycles in their profile picture. Am I missing something?
i think it is more to the roadies because, they take up half the road when they ride. i get they have to go a little on the road but not as far as they do. also if any of you say you didn't want to do some thing like that when they wont move over and you cant get around them your full of it.
I find it ironic that the 6 pictures it shows of the fans on the main page show almost exclusively fat and greasy folks. :madman:
Thats why I ride the trails 99% of the time the drivers scare the crap out of me. If these
fat lazy drivers had to ride a bike with drivers like themselves for one day and saw what
a-holes they are maybe they would share the road.
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