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Has anyone ordered from either of these online retailers? If so what was your experience - would you shop there again?
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Beyondbikes has a TERRIBLE reputation here.

I am expecting a delivery from outsideoutfitters today. One of the items I ordered was out of stock and they actually called me to ask if I wanted to wait a couple of days or cancel that item. I will order from them again.
thanks for the info. I normally don't buy from online places that don't have a BBB rating...but they both (outsideoutfitters has a better price) have the extension for the older park tool pcs-1 repair stand.
Type Beyond Bikes in the search function here-a lot of info will come up. I have used them a few times and wasn't too impressed although I didn't get screwed over or anything.

Outside outfitters is solid although they take a long time to ship stuff.
jbsmith said:
Has anyone ordered from either of these online retailers? If so what was your experience - would you shop there again?
Beyond Bikes has great prices but their CS sucks. As long as they have what you want in stock you should be ok, but if they do not you are going to go through alot of headache
if you have patience BB is a good e-tailer. follow up your order with a phone call. i've found the extra effort is worth the good prices.
I ordered a frame from Outside outfitters last summer. Shipping seemed fairly quick. No complaints.
outside outfitters is good from my experience agreed that shipping can be a bit slow
I've never ordered from outside outfitters, but I have ordered from beyond bikes a couple of times. They used to do these "mystery sales" that I thought were pretty cool. You could get stuff for more than the usual 20% that most on-line sites offer. I haven't seen them promote a mystery sale in quite awhile though. They also have alot of items not carried by other sites. I got a Syntace Duraflite carbon bar for my 29er that was hard to find at the time. It did take a long time to receive my order. At least a month if I remember correctly. Overall, I'd say my experience was positive.
my two orders with Beyond bikes were less than prompt. the first were for tires and they didnt ship for well over 2 weeks and they didnt provide any notification on what was going on.

the second order had things go on back order and it took 2 calls to get them to cancel the backordered stuff and ship the stuff in stock. it took another 2 calls to get them to credit back my credit card for the items and another 2 weeks to get them to ship.

they have hit and miss good prices and i gave them two chances and will personally never order with them again.
Good timing on this thread because I just recently ordered a jersey from Beyond Bikes and I have to say I will probably not do business with them again. Shipping was slow...over a week to receive my package and I live just up the coast from them! Also, I don't like the fact that they don't send you any kind of confirmation/shipping email.

Oh, and when I ordered my jersey I typed in the promotional code that was on their own homepage to get free shipping and guess what...I got charged shipping anyway! They did refund my shipping charge after I called them about it but still, I think this was the last time I will use Beyond Bikes.
I've orderd from Outside Outfitters a number of times in the last few months & aside from relatively slow shipping, which I don't mind for the price savings, they've been great for me.
I just ordered an assortment of parts from to complete my tubeless wheel build.
I'll be going to them for parts for now on. They had the best total price on the combination of parts I needed (mostly Stan's stuff) and the shipping only took 1 day because I'm only a few hours from their shop in St Louis.
FYI- They have one of the lowest prices on 9&10mm DT RWS skewers. Only 42.99 each. I found one lower price, but Outside's shipping was less.
BB---Just Say NO!!!!

Just don't do it from Beyond Bikes!!! They are NOT definitely OK. My .02
BeyondBikes sucks!!!

I ordered 3 tubes from them on 12/30. It is now 1/15 and they have sent 1 tube. I have made two calls and they just say they have been busy.

Do yourself a favor and don't order from them. I wish I had read these reviews on their poor customer service before ordering.
i used to live in san diego and didnt like bb at all.
Ordered from both and no problems with either. At both places my items were shipped out the same day that I placed the order.
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