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Beyond bikes is having a sale on 661 protective gear, thought I'd spread the word... I then ran a search on MTBR and found a promotional code: "OOPS" and scored an additional 10% off.

I've never had good protective gear and thought it's time to start getting some. With the new Faith, and the trail's we've been working on/riding I figured it to be a smart move to start protecting the ole' body. I've ran a full face, with some mx fox knee shin basic guards, but the guards pretty much serve the purpose of "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING" :p

Anyhow, If you're in the market, they have some sweet deals going on right now!

New bike, new full face, new pressure suit, knee pads, and FINALLY some bike specific riding shoes, I'M STOKED! :thumbsup:

Dually Taki Shoe (06) 46 Black

originally ($70.00)

sale: $59.99,

w/promotion code $53.99

Pro DJ Knee Large Black

originally ($50) s

sale: $38.00

w/promotion code $34.20

Pressure Suit (06) XX-Large Black/Red

originally ($190.00)

sale: $119.99

w/promotion code $107.99

Total savings: $113 and some change.

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Bought my 661 pressure suit from Beyond Bikes earlier this year for $100 for the 06 model. Worked out nice but only after they first sent me an 05 model and I had to sort that out. But no return issues and they paid for return shipping, plus had the new one out the same day with next day service.

That said, the 661 pressure suit is CRAP. I don't know who designed the chest protector but it's lumping and always in the wrong position. Originally I thought it was because I have a big chest (read: man titties) but after a few races and talking to skinny bastards who had the same goofy issue I've determined that it's a bad design.

Plus the spine protector is flexy and not really worth much for hyperextension protection.

Too bad I can't afford a Dainese suit at 3x the cost. Oof. Damn i-talians.
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