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better than a bell in south O.C.

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I've been riding in south orange county for years. I used to ride with a bell to warn walkers that I was behind them. No matter how loud I rang the bell it would usually be ignored. So, I stopped using it. One day I decided to make a skidding sound with my back tire when I was behind a walker. Not only did it work but they instantly jumped out of the way. I've used this trick ever since, and it works every time. So, if your riding in south O.C., skip the bell and skid instead. It gets the job done and doesn't look as dorky.
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Or you could just try shouting " HEY FVCKSTICK!!< GET THE FVCK OUTTA THE WAY!!!!!!!" It will probably go over just as well.
Ya, I try that trick to; it depends on the mood I'm in.
I can afford new tires. I've been riding the same trails for 20 years and haven't noticed any damage. The air horn is a good idea, if I could mount it on my handlebars.
Tyler Kiefer said:
I can afford new tires. I've been riding the same trails for 20 years and haven't noticed any damage. The air horn is a good idea, if I could mount it on my handlebars.
I think your tagline should be d-bag. I could go on at length about the stupidity of this idea, but I have better things to do...
I sense anger in you 2turners. Be happy, life is short.
In South O.C., the only sound anyone responds to is a BMW / Mercedes / Range Rover horn. From birth, "OC-ites" are conditioned to hear these specific sounds.
You hit the nail on the head!
Tyler Kiefer said:
I sense anger in you 2turners. Be happy, life is short.
Wrong. Sometimes I just have to call out idiocy when I see it.
Is the OP mute or something? Couldn't you just ask them to let you through, this is what normal people describe as "talking". Try it sometimes. They're people, not cattle, maybe that's why a bell fails.
perfect way to lose bike riding priviledges when you skid next to wrong person and they complain to a big wig about bike riders riding too fast, skidding on trails, and almost hitting them.
Just get one of these. Rechargable with a bike pump and freakin loud. Perfect for OC-ites too. See how he's honking at the BMW in the picture?

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I've been skidding for 20 years and will be skidding for 20 more. I've tried everything else thousands of times before coming to the conclusion that this is the best option around here. I apologize if that upsets anyone, that is not my intention. I just stick with things that work for me. As for loosing riding privileges, again, I've been doing this a long time and have not lost any yet. In reality the air horn would give someone a heart attack. I haven't collided with anyone yet either.
Tyler Kiefer said:
I've been skidding for 20 years and will be skidding for 20;au blau blau
r u a master baiter??? because you say the most idiotic things....skidding on the trails is stupid....when the last time you have done trail often you do it...if you did more trail work then you would know how bad skidding is on trails


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"I've been skidding for 20 years" D-bag gets the Fail Post Of The Week Award. Perhaps sometime in the next 20 years you'll learn some skilz, as you don't seem capable of learning courtesy.
Skidding to alert non-biker trail users...while effective to some audible measure, I'm 100% confident that there are many other useful ways to make your presence known.

Honestly, I cannot think of too many times where I came up on hikers or equestrians that DID not hear me those few and far between moments, a simple "Biker from the rear" always worked great.
Additionally, I like to slow my pace and (in passing) say 'thank you'.
There are times when NOTHING is going to help. The situations that make me nervous are often associated with a non-biker trail user who is...

- on a phone (rare because I will usually ride where there is 0 cell service)
- using an IPod
- walking a leashed dog...worse yet 2 dogs!

Case in point...

I was on a ride around Hodges and had just been passed up by this older gent on a sick Turner. The guy was a holding a good clip and I decided to leg out a bit to hang with him.The two of us tore down a section that provided a great deal of speed when I immediately noticed a HUGE group of people...14 or so with the last guy in the group holding on to two leashed Goldens.
We made quite a clatter coming down the trail and the whole group heard...with 50 yards or so before 'contact' they started moving over. The guy with the dogs was having a moment and I knew it was time to slow.
The old dude on the Turner saw the group going to the right of the trail and assumed all was good...he held an inside left line and held speed. By this time he was well in front of me as I was getting on the brake.
I watched the guy with the dogs moving left...into old guy's line. The dogs were excited and there was little the guy could do to restrain them. As much as I wanted to stop time and fix the situation, I could only giggle outloud.
It happened...old dude on Turner made a 25 mph cocktail with a hiker, two blue 10' leashes, two Goldens, and a ditch. The other crowd of hikers screamed in terror as the crash happened. Nothing but spokes, hair, bodies, and LOTS of dust scattered around the scene of impact!
All involved were pretty dicked up. I helped with the carnage...aided water and my T-shirt to the guy with the dogs to wipe the blood off his face and arms and pretty much said sorry for the rider who nearly cuisinarted two dogs and a human. Bad scene.

- All because the rider would not yield to others. He thought it was safe when it was clearly not in stone that he could hold his line, speed, and make it pass.

You can do all you think of to alert others. One way or another, ya still have to slow way down.
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The only acceptable place to leave skid marks while riding, is in your shorts. All others are unacceptable.
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