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Does anyone else besides me think it's weird their review videos features riding footage of riders who aren't the reviewers?

I get that they filmed skilled riders for better footage, but most review videos contain footage of the reviewers actually riding the bikes. I'm not calling their reviews fake, but it definitely feels more scripted.
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I don’t find it weird. They just use a team approach. Loam Wolf is similar. They might have one reviewer speaking while showing video of someone else riding.
Every now and again you'll see the presenters riding the bikes. But agreed with the above post. They have a team of riders testing.
I just thought it was funny they showed young shredders flying off everything, and then they show the 3 reviewers who don't look anything like the shredders.

Guess I'm just use to Pinkbike videos of Mike Levy and Mike Kazimer actually riding the bikes :)
I've watched the beginning of several of their videos then had to turn them off. Then I found the button in youtube that says "don't recommend channel" and problem solved. 😃
I think it's more weird that they are always holding an obviously empty can of something.
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What is up with that girl who is going bald?
What is up with that girl who is going bald?
I have always thought she should swap hair with the one with the man-bun.
And the one with the man-bun talks about bikes like others talk about wine or paintings.

Yet I still watch them, such is my obsession.
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