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my body breaks the falls
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We finally got past all the local family holiday events and received clearance to bail on the east bay and head to our house in Kelseyville. For me this means one thing - BOGGS! As usual, it was fantastic.

Suprisingly there was still snow on the ground - even as low as Houghton Creek. The first patch caught me by surprise. I don't think it snowed here in two weeks:

Not to worry - still a beautiful trail. The rocks were a little slick under the wet leaves:

After climbing out to Gails the terrain changes to pine trees and needle covered trails:

Boggs Peak, being the highest elevation of the ride, was surprisingly sparse in the way of snow. It must get more sunlight:

Had to stop to clear a fallen tree from Ball Cap. Good time for a pic of the "do it all" BLT:

As usual, the flow and scenery on Johns was incredible. Just your average XC trail at Boggs:

By this time I was having far too much fun to stop for pictures. Suffice to say that two more hours of this was exactly how I wanted to end 2008 - particularly in light of all the BS we put up with in the east bay. I think I'll start 2009 this same way - provided the hangover isn't too bad.

Cheers and Happy New Year!
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