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Best XC riding in Fairfield county...

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I'll be relocating to work in NYC in the next few months. I'm considering Fairfield county, amybe Stamford to live. Can some one elaborate on good XC style singletrack in the area? Where's the goods? How close, how far? Pics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :D
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Lower FFD Cty is pretty well developed so finding good single track is pretty scarce. There is one area in Stamford called Mianus River Park. Not much else - there is a smaller place over in Greenwich, off Exit 31 on the Merritt Parkway, can't remember the place and haven't ridden it yet. Check out the trails here on for that reference.

A little further out, you will find trails in Wilton: Wilton Woods and Cranberry Park. Westchester County has three places to ride, Sprainbrook, Graham Hills, and Blue Mountain ($ to park). Also, there is Trout Brook in Easton; Collins P Huntington SP in Bethel & Redding.

Check out and for trail recommedations and local banter and rides.

Also, you can join the New England Mountain Biking Association and get in on some local rides that the club members lead. I just had one in Mianus two weeks ago that was a blast.
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Thanks Green Giant!

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