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Best XC hardtail for 700

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my buddy is looking for a hradtail to ride on pure xc courses. the riding will have no drops or jumps. looking to spend around 700. hopefully 100 mm travel. any advice would be appreciated.
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here's a benchmark

there must be about 10-15 bikes like this out there that will work for your buddy, this Kona is exactly what you want for $699, but I bet everyone else makes one too.


ah, jeez, pardon the pic size, it's copied from Kona's site. :rolleyes:

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you think there is any bike out there with a little better fork. i was looking for maybe something a little better
thanks for the replies. anybody else have any other suggestions or comments on the bikes mentioned?
I just bought an 05' Specialized Rockhopper Comp. for $689(out the door, tax included) and I got $50 dollars worth of accessories with it. It has a Manitou Splice fork with 100mm of travel. I figured I couldn't beat the deal.
wow. that definately looks like a good bike. i just wish i had a specialized dealer close by. does anyone know anything about this ironhorse. seems like a pretty good deal.
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