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MathiasDK said:

I have to choose between theese two fully frames to use for my new XC fully ride.

I ride "normal" cross country without big jumps or alot of rocks.
That's an interesting choice. The Blur (I assume you mean the standard and not the XC or LT) is mean for XC and trail riding. The 575 is more trail riding to light FR. The Blur has 4.5" of travel, the 575 has 5.75".

If you "have" to choose between those two bikes ..... I'd lean towards the Blur if you don't jump adn do drops much, and when you do they're small. It's a great XC bike and lightweight.

The 575 will be heavier. The frames a bit heavier, but you'll need a longer (heavier) fork. It's the better bike if you jump and do drops more often.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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