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What's the best way to convert my old Trek HT to a SS? It's not a SS frame, so I'll need something to keep tension on the chain. I know there are a lot of variations on those devices, but which is best?

Right now the bike is spec'd as follows:

1997 Trek 8000 Easton frame (last year of the bonded frames I believe)
8-spd XT drivetrain (shifters, derailleur)
SRAM 5.0 8-spd cassette (still have the old XT cassette in a box)
Nuke-Proof hubs + Mavic 517 rims
Kooka cranks (compact 94mm 5-bolt version) w/Ringle chainrings (22/32/44)
Avid 7 v-brakes + levers
Noleen Mega-Air fork (@80mm)
SRAM PC69 chain
Kore (Easton) flat bar
Kore stem

And what gear/cog ratio should I run? I'm a pretty strong biker, but this will be my first SS bike.

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