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Best trails in lower michigan.

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I have the next 4 days off. I want to go somewhere for fun. Nothing to hard but some good sight seeing. I have been riding Stoney Creek and Addison Oaks. Both are really fun.
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Check out for some info on Michigan Trails.
I've only been to Stoney, Bloomer, & Pontiac Lake so I can't offer many suggestions from experience.
I'm fond of Fort Custer near Battle Creek. Each winter when I ski in Cadillac I tell myself I'm going to come back to ride in the summer. I've heard that Pontiac Lake is a good ride as well.
I used to live in Brighton and I always liked Pontiac lake the most but its been about six years since I last rode there. Does anyone know if its still anygood.

Ft Custer is a really nice place to ride. Four different loops. Arcadia brewery just a few miles away in Battle Creek. Team Active bike store about a block away from Arcadia. :thumbsup:
I think hitting the new milford trail in the morning, then heading up to highland Rec. Would be fun. Milford has a great downtown for lunch and afterwards beer
Poto and Pontiac Lake if your in SE lower MI
emtnate said:
^^ Bell's isn't far either.
True there. About 8 miles to Arcadia and 20 to Bells. Not bad either way.
Bald Mtn. North is fun. Two loops that take you near two lakes. Some nice climbs and fun drops. Not technical. I ahve not been out there in the last two years but I am going to go this week if the weather cooperates.
Poto, Highland, Pontiac Lake, and Lakeshore. Highland's my favorite!
Potawatomi and Pontiac Lake are my favs. Even though Island Lake is easy, I still like it for speed runs.
Lakeshore park in novi also has a nice 10mi singletrack. I believe it's on the mmba site.
Pontiac Lake has been the best for me so far. I've been to Stoney, Lake Orion, Pontiac Lake, and Brighton trails.
the tree farm, and maybury even though its short
Haven't checked out the east side, but I like Yankee. That trail soaks water up like a sponge.
Boyne Mountain. Send me a line if you are interested, I'll fill you in.
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