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Best shock for around $250??

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Hey all,

I'm totally rebuilding my 96' Trek carbon fiber 9700. It's a great hardtail (which is why I kept it when I bought my FS Rocky) and I would like to upgrade most everything on the bike. it currently has the stock, yellow, Rock Shock Indy SL. Would like to stick to the 80-100mm range.

I'll probably put a new headset in as well..

Thanks - Mike
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2003 Black 80/100 with TPC+ for $199

It only really works in 100mm mode, 80mm is almost a lockout, so it might be too tall for your frame - and it might be disc only......
Little bit more than $250 but.....

I have the Marzocchi MX Comp w/ ETA which has 105mm of travel. I paid $260 for it with free shipping from I haven't really ridden it hard yet, but so far a great fork for the price. Also, it got great reviews on the reviews page on this site, both the 03 and 04 models.
RS Psylo XC, sick all mountain fork, but if your over 150 pounds you need a new spring.
I back up the Zoke...

MX Comp with ETA.... I want one of those (or a Zoke Drop Off but that would not suit you)
check out for good deals. i picked up a brand new 03 Marzocchi Z1 FR for $299.99. has good deals too. I think if you go with the Manitou that someone else suggested you'dd like it. I love my Z1 zoke though! (too much travel for what you need)
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