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Best service yet in San Diego

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I just brought my ride in to NORTH OF THE BORDER on Mira Mesa and Pacific Heights with a loose bottom bracket, missed shifts and brakes in dire need of adjustment. My cranks were making so much noise I was afraid they were gonna fall off. 4 hours later the BB is smooth, the shifts are perfect and the brakes are like new. I can't remember his name but the guy who helped me was very knowledgeable. He re-ran my cable housing for the rear shifter and the bike runs better than ever. I am tempted not to tell anybody but these guys did a fantastic job and only charged me 20 bucks. If you need a good wrench this is the place to go.
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North of the Border

I've been going there a couple of months now and the service is great. Mike is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. His repair and service prices are reasonable and he actually knows how to work on bikes. Definitely recommend this place.
Ya, north of the border is one of the best shops in SD to have your bike wrenched on.
I agree. If I schedule my service in advance, he usually does it for me while I wait. Great shop, I would like to see it thrive and survive!
NOTB rocks!!

Mike has been there for some time now as the owner. I have taken my bikes there since the mid 90's and have never had an issue. He has a fantastic shop and is very friendly and knowledgable. I have several friends who take their bikes there and also swear by the workmanship they get from there. This is a great shop and Mike is a heck of a guy. One of the best shops I have been to, PERIOD.


Do they have a website? how 'bout other contact info? I'm looking for someone reliable to do a rebuild on an older GT LTS of mine...
google the name

Juliius said:
Do they have a website? how 'bout other contact info? I'm looking for someone reliable to do a rebuild on an older GT LTS of mine...
They have a very basic website. They are located directly off of Mira Mesa Road in
Sorrento Valley.


Here is another plug for him, he will order you anything at the best price you will find. My next bike will be built by him. If you are looking for a pretentious attitude go check out beyond-bike (really should be called beyond-customer service) or one of the many other incompetent shops in SD. Mike is a great guy with a great shop.
This place is within walking distance of my office and I didn't even know it existed. I'll definitely check this place out.
Mike is awesome best prices and service in town. Only catch not a large inventory on hand.
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