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Mike at North of the Border has once again restored my faith in the LBS. I bought a set of wheels, used stans ztr 355 29ers on dt240s. They were terribly flexy. Mike suggested a rebuild. It took him a while to get the spokes but the wheels are incredible! It is like riding a different bike, it tracks like a dream now.

When I left the bike with him it had several issues that I was gonna fix myself. When I got it back a frayed cable was fixed, missing cable guides were replaced, rubbing disk brakes don't rub anymore, shifting is perfect, shotty computer mounting was re-done nicely and an improperly installed crank was done right. All he charged me for was the wheels and the price was very reasonable.

Mike even took the time to show me how to properly install a Race Face crank when he noticed I had done it wrong.
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