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best seats?

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Hey I've been having serious trouble with my very very uncomfortable Pacific seat...We also have this older selle seat which is one off those $5 types which is equally uncomfortable...I've got an average sized butt, close adductors, and umm, you know the rest...any ideas on a comfortable seat...I'm also 200 lbs, I hope thats not going to affect the choice too much..
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Most people love WTB's or Terry saddles. I ride a specialized body geometry and dont reccomend it. I have ridden the Koobi au enduro for a few rides and really like that. I am def. getting a koobi saddle in the near future. But saddles are pertty personal. You jsut ahve to try out a few different ones ofr the best results. Try some of your friends saddles for some rides and see if you like any of them.
I second the WTB's seat especially the rocket v's great seats! very comfortable!
Titec El Norte

Super Comfy and first seat that has lasted me over 4 months. I've had it for about 1 1/2 years. Strength and comfort may be an issue with your size.

I have a Terry Liberator too....I'll take the Titec any day.
Birdman-X said:
Super Comfy and first seat that has lasted me over 4 months. I've had it for about 1 1/2 years. Strength and comfort may be an issue with your size.

I have a Terry Liberator too....I'll take the Titec any day.
I vote for koobi here because they are very comfortable,and well made.
I like the WTB seats also. The rocket v seems to be comfy and this is my second seat.
For comparison: Koobie, WTB, and Terry

Tried these three searching for the best fit. It really is about finding a match between the seat shape and your anatomy. For my narrow butt, the Koobie Enduro Gel is slightly too wide and flat (resulting in numb legs), the WTB Rocket V is slightly too narrow and upturned at the back (but still OK), and the Terry Fly Tri is juuust right. The Terry is not for weight weenies (313gr) but I can literally go all day long and as of today have one for both my hardtail and FS. The quest has ended. Good luck!
I used the WTB seats for a while and they were good. Then I discovered the Terry Fly TI seats. I have 3 of them and won't use anything else. However, everyones but is different so you have to find what works best for you.
One more to check out.

Specialized Telluride is very comfy, cheap and seems to be lasting longer than I expected. A friend and I did not like another of their seats, but I got one of these for my mutt single speed and ended up with another on my trail bike. I have also liked Flite seats over the years, but no longer suffer with light weight seats and tires for off road riding. The other seats mentioned in these posts are good too, but I have a LBS that seems to have these Telluride seats on sale a few times a year, and like the idea of same seat model on more than one bike.

A good LBS will let you mount and sit on a seat on a stationary bike or take one home for an overnight try to make sure you get the right product.
WTB Speed V.

Cheap and comfy. The rubber shell under the sit bone areas prevents the padding from bottoming out onto a hard surface.
Buying the right seat is half the battle, buying riding shorts is the other half
Ditto Koobi

This topic comes up here alot. I guess seats are about as personal a component as there is. Having said that I too am a clyde, and I always have to put in my vote for Koobi Au Enduro. I think I have had 4 of them now and I can't see ever switching to anything else. They are incredibly comfortable riding all day and they are tough/well made.
The only down side, they're not cheap. But for me that is not a place to be cheap.
Like the other poster said though good shorts are also part of the equation.
Wild Bill
Have a WTB but moving on...

I am using a WTB Rocket Laser V saddle and like it for the most part, and also have a Terry Fly on an old hardtail, also a good seat. The WTB Rocket tends to run a bit narrower and a the seams can become noticable after a long ride. It has kind of a flat hammock top shape versus rounded off. My problem is that it becomes increasingly uncomfortable when climbing for a long period of time. 1-2 hour ride no problem but 1-2 hour climbs, ouch....I felt better standing up and dealing with the fatigue than the pain in my ass!

Thinking about a Selle San Marco seat. Dunno, I see a bunch of pro riders using them, but I suppose comparing my soft butt to these hardcore riders is a stretch! :D Just the same, they put on way more miles in the saddle than I do, so must be something good about them.
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