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My wife just reminded me that I am tagging along w/ her to her conference in North Scottsdale, but now I need to figure out what to do during the day for 3 days while she is in classes. Since I don't golf, it looks like I'll ride trails. I just looked at Trail Forks and the sticky thread at the top to get an idea and it looks like there are some good options, but it is also pretty old information and here are several areas to choose from.

What is your suggestion for best quality riding in that general vicinity preferably w/in striking distance of a rental shop? I plan to get a rental car so can stick the bike in it, but shop close to the trailhead is always a plus I like all types of riding, am a pretty fit advanced rider, and can pretty much ride most trails although I usually lay off the 30 foot gaps while just visiting w/ my wife.

Also, if anybody wants to play tour guide or even wants to rent me their spare bike so I don't have to deal w/ renting at a shop, food and beer is n me and can more than return the favor if you ever visit Santa Cruz. Thanks for your input!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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