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Hey guys, I've ridden XC for a few years and recently decided to get serious about it. Unfortunately, I live in New Orleans and the hurricane hit a day or two after my decision. Things have settled down now, however, and I have a shiny new Turner Flux. I'm moving to Austin in May and plan to ride constantly all summer as I'll have nothing to do before I start my M.A.

Anyway, I have two questions: What are considered to be the absolute best XC trails in the country? Coming from a place like Louisiana that is as flat as a table, I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me in preparing to ride through more technical environments. Nevertheless, I'm interested in taking some roadtrips for some serious riding in the next year or so, after I've had some time to perfect my craft a bit.

Secondly, what are the best XC rides worldwide? I'm curious about the consensus on these questions. So, while I'm still interested in hearing about your personal favorites, I really want to know about the universal favorites.

Finally, if someone could tell me about the best places to ride in-and-around Austin I'd be much obliged. Thanks for your time.
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