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Every year I try my best to attend a early season point to point 65km race and this year was no different. The only difference was the fact that I had absolutely no time to prepare for it.

Typically I don't even think of doing this thing without a good base coming into it. This year, with work the way it was, home life with the kids and other random stuff pretty well taking up what remained of my time, I was headed into it with absolutely ZERO in terms of preparation.

Usually my goal is to do nothing but try and beat my previous best time here (a 2:22 finish) but seeing as there was no chance of beating that this year, I decided to punish myself further by doing the event on my fatbike.

My goal would be to strictly finish within the cutoff time. At least that way I could say I completed the race on my fatbike. :thumbsup: It was better than nothing.

Well, I accomplished my goal of strictly finishing but surprised myself by doing it well under 4hrs despite my zero preparation, so, overall, I was happy.

Km's 0-20, I felt, "meh".

Km's 21 to 40 I felt SPECTACULAR! I nailed all climbs and just felt great! Good flow throughout rail, singletrack and gravel road sections within that distance.

Km's 41 to 56 I was back to, "meh".

57k to finish (65k) the wheels absolutely came off my bus!!! :eekster:

Holy hell did I ever come apart. I've never felt so crappy. Since I was the only fatbike present this year (out of 1200+ riders) I received constant (literally every 2 minutes) encouragement from other participants along the entire length of the course who, for the most part, thought I was nuts. :thumbsup: It really did help me push on though.

For real; I did appreciate it. I needed it. I walked part of the final climb as my left leg seized part of the way up in a way I've NEVER felt before. I thought it was over.....and by that point, only 2 km's from the finish! I kept trying to massage it out but every time I went to stand up, my leg would seize again and I'd drop, screaming in agony. It took a good 5 or 10 minutes. I was locked.

I finally managed to clear the leg problem up and pressed on. The cheers took me by surprise on the final climb - it was crazy! All because of my choice of ride. Hahaha

My buddy James was with me at this point (we were walking the bikes up) but there was still 200 to 300 meters left of the final climb. I felt so bad that I didn't have the gas left to give "something" to the people along the side of the climb who where really cheering for ".....the fatbike guy". With that short 2 or 3 hundred metre distance left, I asked my buddy, "You ready for this buddy?". He was in.

We mounted our bikes and rode the final stretch up to the line. One last push up to the finish.

I was flattered by all the support. The crowd was awesome. I was blown away. A couple of other buddies who had finished well ahead of me were waiting at the finish and a ways back. They heard the crowd get quite a bit louder and one mentioned "Steve must be coming." He was right. It was really nuts. HAAHHA The crowd did get louder! :thumbsup: I was flattered and really appreciative as I was absolutely dying.

Riding across the line I tried to wheelie the finish for the photographers but could only get my front wheel off the ground about 2 inches. ;) I was THAT spent. As I rode by the photographers I apologized for failing in my attempt. LOL

I talked to the guys at the finish, went back to the truck, laid facedown in the dirt for a bit and then drank my chilled Strongbow I sooooooooooo deserved.

That's it.



See you next year..................only more prepared. But HEY!! I did it on my fatbike! :thumbsup:

The gravel felt so freaking nice.


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