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Best padded shorts?

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I have tried several padded shorts and find the Pearl Izumi with their "PRT" technology to give the best padding and support. Has anyone found a better chamois/padding system in another brand of cycling short?
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I like my Fox shorts. Just go to the store and try them on and see what feels comfortable. There's nothing magical about shorts, just get what's most comfortable.

pearls are good, but i went the velowear route this time and will never use anything else. they are great and not expensive and the best pad (chamis) that i have ever used

make sure you get the cantara pad--that is the only one i have and can comment on. The Logo short, imba short, and mtbr short are the same thing with different logos

Try this:

and when you order first tell them it's your first order and you will get 15% off

Good Luck :D
FWIW, Fox mid rangers fall apart quick, but are extremely comfy while they last. I just picked up some NEMA scouts, and they are great. The chamois is huge, but great for longer rides.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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