As we head into winter, I'd like to know what everyone's favorite winter mountain bike tire combinations are. I'm specifically looking for non-fat bike recommendations. We'll be compiling suggestions into a guide to help fellow mountain bikers and eventually move it to the Wheels and Tires Forum.

It would also be helpful to know where you live and how you ride to get an idea of what tires do well in mud and wet, versus snowy or icy trail conditions.

I live and ride on the Front Range of Colorado and spend most of my time on 130-160mm bikes. Right now, our trails are bone dry, so winter tires are irrelevant. When winter comes, I have two go-to tire combinations.

Light Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Tread

1. For hardpacked snow and icy conditions, I really like the 45NRTH Wrathchild in a 29x2.6" size. Investing in a pair of spiked tires two winters ago changed how often I would hit the trails. They're heavy and slow, but they also boost confidence when riding through freeze-thaw cycles.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

2. For mixed and wet conditions, I often swap my standard Maxxis Assegai / Dissector set-up for a Schwalbe Magic Mary / Nobby Nic combo. They do a good job of shedding trail debris and the Addix Super Trail rubber compound remains grippy even in the cold.

Looking forward to learning what has worked for other riders.