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dirtydoug said:
next shot all wrapped in bacon. This is going to keep well too to make for some great ride sandwiches for the next couple of weeks.
So... is that horse cock wrapped in bacon? 'Cause if it is I'm torn... I don't think I'd like horse cock... but wrapped in bacon? Hmmm... :skep: :D

Happy holidays.

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it's on like donkey cock

after searing, wrapping in bacon, pre-heating oven to 450F, it's time to let "him" roast. (Thanks skared for taking this thread there):thumbsup:
Red Orange Line Amber Light

27 minutes later and at an internal temperature of 138F what comes out. No other than the best meat for front range riding. A Maxxis 29er 2.4 Ardent.:eekster:
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