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Best Maxxis Mud Tire

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I am currently running an Assegai on the front of my enduro bike, but it has been raining near constantly, and with a race coming up I want to have the best tire possible to swap on just in case the track is a swampy mess littered with wet roots.
The Assegai is great on 9.5/10 trail conditions, but it clogs with mud in wet loam, and doesn't shed mud as well as my DHF used to. I'm thinking I should buy a DHF to be a "wet" tire, but I figured I'd ask for other opinions.
The Shorty would probably be the best, but I'm currently running a 2.5 front/2.4 rear, and I'm not sure if a 2.4 Shorty would feel strange paired with a 2.4DHRII.

So in short, should I go for a DHF, Shorty, or something else to use as a front mud tire for Enduro racing?
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Shorty and Forekaster

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Shorty for sure.

The DHF Isn’t really a mud/loose condition tire. It doesn’t pack up like the Assegai, but it’s knobs and cornering lugs aren’t tall enough to really bite that hard. It feels skatey to me in the actual grease personally

Also may be looking outside of Maxxis if you’re open to that.

Specifically, the WTB Verdict has been impressing me, particularly in the wet. Check out the industry reviews (particularly the NSMB one). And if that’s not aggressive enough for you, look at the Verdict Wet. Same tread design, even taller lugs.

Ive never used a shorty. But I went from a DHF, to a WTB Vigilante, to a WTB Verdict. I ride year round in the PNW, so I ride in my fair share of mud. And the Verdict has noticeably more traction than the DHF/Vigilante for sure. I’d assume that the shorty is similar.
Shorty. They are superb in mud and even dry soft/loamy conditions.

Schwalbe Magic Mary is a close second, and maybe a little better in a wider range of conditions.

On my enduro bike, the only tires I run are either Shortys front and rear or MMs front and rear — it just depends where the gift cards I receive come from.🤣

Fun story: earlier this season I was riding one of our steepest trails and there were many sections that were our typical spring grease. I rolled over the steepest section which is a loam/grease chute with a 90 degree corner at the bottom and my DHF packed up and slid about 15 feet into the line. I had just put a Magic Mary on the back the night before, and it was the only reason I made that corner. It shed all that mud and grabbed traction that I didn’t think existed in those conditions. I went home and yanked that DHF off and that’s probably the last one I’ll ever buy.
If its must be Maxxis, Shorty it is. That been said, for the conditions you describing you should also consider Magic Mary's, treat tire in any condition, from mud to dry hardpack in the park.
My go to tires are MM SG UltraSoft front/Soft rear - one set that works everywhere in the Alps.
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