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Best Maps for Idaho and Montana

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Hello Northerners! I will be driving well over a thousand miles this summer to do an epic mountain biking trip in Idaho and Montana (perhaps WY too). I'm starting my research out early this year so I can figure out the best destinations, and it gives me more to time to drool over singletrack trails.

I'm looking for some waterproof hiking/biking maps with elevation profiles and mile markers like these. I don't really have any specific destinations in mind at this point, so any suggestions would also be greatly appreciated. From what I've read in the stickies, Stanley looks pretty awesome.

This will be my 5th mountain biking trip. I'm used to riding epics and tent camping in the middle of nowhere. No hotels needed. In fact I've found that some of the best trails are in remote areas, like Kenosha pass in Colorado. We camped at 10,000 ft and rode a 25 mile epic straight from our tents. Now thats the way to do it! I may do the touristy thing in Yellowstone on the way home, so feel free to throw my way any adventure driven areas you like.

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You might want to look at the Great Divide Mtb Route by Adventure Cycling. You could use this route and do some more specific rides along the way with some research.
I second the nomination for the Beartooth Publishing products

My Beartooth map of the Bozeman/Big Sky area was an invaluable resource when I was fortunate enough to live in Montana. Their book, Montana Singletrack was also indispensible. Each of the 50 ride descriptions comes with a good quality topo and excellent directions. It is also a good sampling of the better rides across the state.

Other than that, Montana is pretty light on quality, detailed maps. Many of the USFS maps and USGS quads are inaccurate or out of date--riding in Montana can be an adventure that requires a higher than normal degree of self sufficiency (a good thing IMO--the combination of quality trails and undeveloped solitude is truly special--imagine Colorado-quality (or better) alpine singletrack with almost nobody on it).
Look for an Adventure Maps for the McCall, Idaho area in the spring-
Great recommendations, I will pick up some Beartooth maps plus the book. I wish I had a summer to spend in Montana...
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