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Best lens for R2 helmet mount

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I built a nice little Amoeba knockoff using 2 R2s and the cheap DX spot lenses. I would like a wider angle lens, even for a helmet mount, but am unsure which lens would be best. I couldn't find anything on the DX website. Any suggestions?
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If you used 1" square al (achesalot style), the Ledil CRS series fit perfectly into the housing. The CRS-SS or CRS-M would be good choices with the SS being the more spotty of the two. I've used a combination of the two in an R2 triple and really like the pattern. If you're in the US, Digi-key stocks them and shipping is fast and cheap.

I can point you to some beamshots if interested.
Thanks DSCJ, just what I was looking for. I went to Digikey but was confused w/ their one from column A, one from Column B, etc, page. I did use the 1" square so this should be a snap. Thanks.
You'll be happy with that choice, see how tight the optics fit, all you'll need is to silicon around the edges:

And for some beamshot comparisons, the first is using three of the DX1920 optics, and the second is using 2 x CRS-M and 1 x CRS-SS driven at 1a:

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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