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Best Helmet & Riding Armor For Comfort, Ventilation, & Protection?

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Hi all,

I need to get a helmet, and riding armor. Part of the reason I need this Safety Gear is for a portable seated scooter, with a top speed of around 26 MPH on flat asphalt, and the scooter probably hits over 30-35 MPH when going downhill.

While it doesn't go super fast, the tires on it are pretty small, so I figured I ought to look at Safety Gear for both bicycling and motorcycling, and find the right balance between Comfort and Ventilation, versus Protection.

This is the List I have so far:
  1. Kali Invader 2 Helmet
  2. EVT Safe Zone Rearview Mirror
  3. Leatt AirFlex Stealth for upper body protection
  4. Leatt Dual Axis Knee & Shin Guards, or Thor Sector Knee & Shin Guards, or another choice if there's a better Brand.
  5. Gloves: not sure yet
Any thoughts on the Safety Gear listed, or suggestions on what else is best to get?

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Check out Tactical gloves or maybe motorcycle gloves with built in carbon fibre knuckle protection.


Ebikes and scooter are beyond what normal bike gear is designed for. At the very least make sure your helmet is DH rated. Not saying go full moto but check some of the lighter moto choices. Rather than the leatt armor on a causal scooter ride I would go for a moto armored summer shirt with inserts or summer adventure jacket with padding inserts. Check out the moto jean choices too.

Cycle gear is the harborfreight of the moto world. Walk around inside the Superstore and you may pick up some ideas. Or inside a moto shop 50,000 sq ft+ (so that you can see a variety of options).

What else? maybe shoes.
I've never suffered a foot injury on a motorcycle but I know most riders think its very important.
Thanks for the suggestions. The Gloves in the 1st link look pretty protective, and look like a good value. Especially when it comes to Safety Gear, since I want the best products that do the best job, I'm currently thinking about going with Held Phantom II, or perhaps some alternative Held, or other high-end Brand, Gloves.

And after doing more research, it seems like Forcefield might make the best CE 2 Rated Riding Armor, that's also supposed to be highly-breathable. The Leatt AirFlex Stealth isn't completely CE 2 Rated in every Protection Zone, from what I understand.
This is my current List:
  1. Kali Invader 2 Helmet
  2. EVT Safe Zone Rearview Mirror
  3. Forcefield Pro X-V 2 Air Armored Shirt, or Forcefield AR Shirt: Forcefield's Gear is CE 2 Rated in every Protection Zone, and is supposedly highly-breathable.
  4. Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 2 Air Knee Pads, or 7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pads: Some users said the Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 2 Pads slide down the leg, but I'm not sure if that's been fixed in the 2020 "Air" update.
  5. Gloves: Held Phantom II, or other high-end Gloves. EDIT: Now looking at Kushitani Gloves.
I might consider Motorcycle Boots or the like if I have to, but for my scooter I was just thinking about wearing regular shoes. This is a pretty good list for Protective Riding Gear so far.

Any other thoughts or suggestions, let me know, thanks.
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