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Best Helmet Cam???

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I am looking for a really good quality helmet cam. I do not know of any brands. I want one that will produce good quality video and not blurry video. All sugestions are greatly appreciated.

Maybe one of these four?
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The viosport would be your best bet out of those four. Coming in at 520 lines of Res. it's good.

I always recommend they have one that's 560. It also comes with a bunch of goodies, a protector for your camera that is pretty much unbreakable. Also the camera is attached with this Air force Velcro, Tested at 225mph so you can take it off and place at what ever angle you want ft/bk. (I have one, haven't got to use it that much but I like it)

Highest quality Sony Ex View chip available

Also if you want the Viosport go to they have a bunch of packages.

Hope this helps, and do some looking around, I did for awhile before I got mine.

Really for Video quality like in the Bike Vids. They use a 16mm camera and strap it to their helmet. One crash bye bye 5grand
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i'd definately recommend the vio3...
any of the cam's that use the sony ex-view had chip will be cool,
n even tho some claim its 560 n some 480, its the same thing...
the vio has the best wiring n battery setup i've come across,
you can get the industrial vecro stuff at supply houses for cheap,
definately works great.
also be sure to get the LANC remote -- it'll turn the recording cam off n on
as well as stop n start recording, so you save tape n battery.
I have the camera and it works really well. I got the one with the screw together video wiring instead of the RCA type that can come unplugged. It has the solid aluminum housing that could take a hard direct hit and survive. I guess something inside could still break but you will not be able to crush it and there are no moving parts so chances are you wont be able to break it. Video quality is good but so are all the other ones using the Sony chip. You could get MUCH better if you mounted a camera right on your helmet because most cameras have optical (or digital) stabilization built in. That takes care of the jitters in the rock gardens. Plus video cameras have much better optics so you get better clarity and colors. Another thing is you can use your cameras built in settings like white balance which don’t work with remote cameras. And last, remote set ups typically only record audio to one channel. If your not using audio, then no big deal. But if you don’t want to mount the whole camera on your helmet, then or are your next best affordable option.
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another vote for the adventure cam III from viosport. with 520 lines of resolution, the quality is great, its light, and easy to set up. you forget its on your head, which makes for great footage. I use it with a LANC which lets you stop/start recording remotely. It becomes a b!tch to start taping - put it in your camelback etc... I highly recommend getting one if your camera is LANC capable.
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