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Best headlight for the $?

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I've been searching around, and am completely lost. Some headlights range from 50 to 100, some from 300 to 500. I'm guessing the battery life/lumen count has a lot to do with it.

What do you all run, and can anyone point me to a good system for a fair amount of $? I really don't want to drop more than $150 bones on a light for the bike.

Also, is there some combination that would work? I.E. a light on the bike and wearing a light on the helmet?

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I have a Turbocat dual source system comprised of one helmet light and one light I mount on my handle bars. The batteries aren't super light and the lights aren't super fashionable, however, I have plenty of light. I haven't ridden trails after dark. However, I have descended Lookout Mountain Rd. and had plenty of light for moderate speeds. Therefore I suspect they would provide plenty of light for trails. I highly recommend them. I can only imagine the amount of light two handle bar lights plus a helmet light would provide. That might defeat the purpose of riding at night.

3rd that!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the amoeba, its what we all run, locally made by one of our own and Jay is super cool to deal with!
not to sound like a broken record, but.....The Amoeba lights are easily the best deal going. Great lights with long run time and incredibly LIGHT. Best part - made by one of our own. Jay is great to deal with. I run a spot on my helmet and flood on the bars - this combo burries the old Dinotte setup I used to run.
PM Scar.
I checked for his classified (was going to give you a link) but it's not up currently. Here's a thread on the Amoeba though:
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