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Best deal on an ETSX?

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Ever since I took a ride on an 18" ETSX, I've been lusting after one of these bikes. I've decided to pull the trigger, and am currently shopping around for one. I haven't yet decided if it will be the ETSX-30, 50 or 70 -- much depends on what kind of deal is on offer.

Does anyone have any leads on the places that offer ETSXs at the most competitive prices? There's only one LBS in my area (Washington DC) that carries them - Peformance Bicycles (yeah, yeah, I know...). Any suggestions for places to check out would be super appreciated.
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From Rocky's website dealer list

Big Wheel Bikes
1034 33rd Street
Washington , DC , USA 20007
Phone: 703-522-1110
You can also check out Hudson Trail Outfitters on Wisconsin Ave at Tenleytown. They have RM Bikes and I saw a couple of ETSXs there: a 30 and a 50. I don't think they'll be any cheaper than anywhere else. It looks like RM keeps tabs on the sale prices and I have also been looking around for a deal and not found anything. Good luck.
Last December I got a brand new 2005 ETSX-70 off E-Bay from a store outside Philadelphia called The Keswick Cycle Company. It may have been good timing (Dec 22nd, everyone else had spent money on X'mas) but I got it for a shade over $2000.USD. Even with shipping to Canada and paying the taxes I saved alot. The best deal I found before that was $3800.CAD (before taxes) for an ETSX-50. I looked them up before bidding, reputable store, around a long time. They were good to deal with regarding shipping.
What size ETSX are you looking for? I have a low miles 2006 X70 in 18 inch that I need to sell. I think I can take about $2200 US for it.
fatso said:
What size ETSX are you looking for? I have a low miles 2006 X70 in 18 inch that I need to sell. I think I can take about $2200 US for it.
Oops. I would have bought your bike had I known! I am/was after an 18", and just pulled the trigger on a new '06 ETSX-50 for $2200. Unfortunately its too late for me to back out of the deal. Grrr.
Thanks for all the tips guys. I went the ebay route, and found someone selling a new one on ebay. It's much, much cheaper than going through any LBS.

By the way, for those in the DC/MD/NOVA area: Big Wheel Bikes is a scam. They advertised the ETSX-30 for $1899, but it turned out to be a bait and switch: the price is for the '05, although their ads imply it's for the '06.

I checked out all the LBSs, and Performance had the best prices, but they were still nowhere nearly as cheap as buying via an ebay store. I ended up getting a new '06 ETSX-50 for $2200-ish (including shipping).
Hi, fatso.
are u still selling your bike? do you have pics? how much mileage?
pardon my english.
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