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6 months ago I bought one of these from walmart to save some gas money with. As you probably guessed I didn't put much research into it, and really didn't consider weight at all.. man was that a mistake.

Anyway, today my bike shop called informing me that my Jamis Dragon Sport was ready! I know it doesn't compare with a lot of your rides, but wow was it the improvement I had been waiting for. So far I have only rode it the 6 miles from the LBS to my apartment, but I cannot express how much better that ride felt than anything on my last bike..
  • The frame is actually designed for someone who is 6'4''. For the first time since I was 16 a bike fit me well.
  • I actually had access to all my gear ratios instead of having to choose between 3-3 or 3-6 like on my walmarter.
  • Who knew a fork that moves makes your wrists hurt less? And having lockout control on my handlebars is pretty nifty for when I don't want it to move.
  • Even with the steel frame, this bike has to be at least 10-12 pounds lighter than my last one. My daily trek up to my 3rd story apartment just got a whole lot nicer.
  • My brakes actually stop me when I ask them to.. Even if Juicy 3s aren't all that fancy, I can attest to the fact that there are some that are much, much worse.

I can't wait until this weekend to get it to a trail to break it in and see how much I like steel 29rs on the trail.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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