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best Black Hills area trails?

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My family would like to take a MB vacation in the Black Hills area. What trails or sections of trails have the best flow, funnest features and/or go to the coolest spots? The parents are intermediate riders and the 12 and 17 year old boys are better or at least more daring.
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deerfield loop around deerfield lake...storm mountain has a plethora of trails to choice from...and bhmba will assist a cyclist...
Thanks, I looked up bhmba and their trails page says "coming soon". they have a forum on trails and conditions that has a little info.
If you want to know anymore go to and look up the phone number. Ask to talk to Tim, he can answer any of your questions.

Acme is great advice or post/look under under the forums, I'm sure many would lend a hand. I know there are group rides posted, you might even get someone to be a personal guide!
Bone Collector
Teton Trail
Cowboy Hill (keep in mind its brand new and is probably busy)

Bone collector is a fun technical trail that had tons of stuff to ride, the Teton Trail is basically a 7 mile downhill section that starts about a mile and a half out of Spearfish and ends in Spearfish City Park. Cowboy Hill is the latest $350,000 IMBA project finished out there and is actually in Rapid City itself right on Omaha....its the hill with the SDSM&T motif on it. Hope this helps, also as said to the guys at ACME Cycles, good dudes that know a ton of great spots to cruise! Ant
I'll be in the Black Hills area Friday, ~10 miles west of Custer to be precise. How hard would it be to get lost on some area trails; more specifically Deerfield loop and Hell Canyon. Also, how are the conditions on these trails? Any other recommendations?
Southeast Oklahoma trails?

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I loved Little Spearfish, Rimrock, and Old Baldy

Rimrock has a great, slightly technical climb, fantastic flow on top banking through the ponderosas, and a somewhat technical, way fun descent. It can make a great figure 8 with the Little Spearfish Trail. Ridden CCW, this portion has a super-fun but non-threatening descent with oodles of air opportunities off the frequent waterbars. The Rimrock also connects with the Old Baldy trail. This is a high point and, being bald, gives great views of the hills.

Stop at the forest service office in Spearfish and get the trail brochures.
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