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I wanted to let everyone in Phoenix know about something that happened to me this last weekend at a local shop that deserves some attention. I had ordered a new fork for my freeride bike and it was to come in friday, just in time for me to take it up to sunrise. I dropped my bike off at Cactus Bike the previous day and let them know the fork was in the mail and i would have it to them as soon as it hit my doorstep. Well, FedEx screwed up the delivery and i did not get my fork until 6:15 pm. 15 minutes after Cactus Bike closed! I called Fish (the head mechanic) and let him know what was going on- he told me to, "bring it in anyway, i'll hook you up for your ride tommorrow."

I did not leave until 8:30 that night after he showed me how to set everything up, he adjusted about everything on the bike, and told me about the best runs at sunrise to take. I was completely blown away! This guy took 2.5 hours of his personal time on a friday night to set me up. I've met Fish 1 time before this and i've gone to their shop once, so it's not like he was helping out a friend or anything. Sorry if i'm rambling but i've shopped at several bike shops over the past years and have never recieved service like this. I wanted others who are not recieving this kind of attention to know that there is a shop out there who will give it to you. I pass 4 bike shops from my house to their shop, but they have earned my business from now on.

Cactus Bike - 480-940-RIDE

Thanks Fish- you made my weekend! :D

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i stayed about an hour past closing working on bikes this week :D

so so so so so so so so backlogged we are...
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