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Best AM Bike setup for $2000?

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One of my friends is going to be buying a new bike and his price range is $2000. What is the best all mountain bike for him to get in the price range?
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Get ready for a whole bunch of this:

HECKLER!!:thumbsup: :p :) :D
A Coiler for $1700.
shucks,you guys stole my top two choices...but have you guys seen the gary fisher fat possum series?they are actaully realyl nice solid feeling bikes....right now im looking at these three bikes if i can sell my FR rig.

or a little more $ but the preston freeride is really nice,i like the build better then the coilers,big improvment is the fork.$2,399 with a travis 150
actually now that i get EP, gary fisher fat possum xt for 1700, trek remedy 6 for 1680, or 30% off kona's msrp stinky would all be good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts