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Best adjustable seat post for Knolly frames?

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I'm planning to go adjustable soon and it occurs to me that the slacker actual seat tube angle on my Endorphin might affect how some posts work. Or not, but I thought I'd ask, what do you guys think/use?
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For the most part, I think they all work well with the angle.

I had GD Turbo on the DT. On the Delirium, I had the KSi950, which worked great until I rode it in the rain and mud (the primary lever got stuck). My buddy uses KSi950 on his DT.

I have the Reverb now and I like it. The other day we rode in the wet and a guy with a Specialized Command post and he had troubles, because of the mud was getting trapped under the seat where the primary lever is located.

If you don't run in the wet and mud, you should be okay with most of them. If you ride in the wet and there is grit, then Reverb being a closed system is ideal!
I have used the KS i950 on my medium endorphin w no problem. Also works with a medium chilcotin, and a medium vtach. I ride in the mud and have had no issues with mud interfering with the lever.
The reverb is really sweet, despite having to bleed it out of the box. Takes 5min.
If you get one, make sure you get one with the new hose, they beefed it up, and it makes a difference in the performance.
Go GD. I have three and they work well under the abuse of a 240+ lb rider. I've had one issue and that was user error. Their CS is also fantastic and they work out of the box.

Don't whine about looks or the shim. They work, they don't require much more than a little lube every so often, and they work.

(I've tried: KS i950, lasted a whole ride or two before it started acting up; CommandPost, similar to KS i950, but maybe 5 rides; Joplin - slid down and the clamp mechanism never really worked)
Ran an AMP which I still think is a great post. Now have a Reverb which I prefer as I like the 5" of full adjustability vs the 1 or 4" drop of the AMP. The AMP is full mech so you can plop yourself down at the bench for a service. Not so much with the Reverb.

The action of the Reverb is so smooth and the other nice thing about it is the speed adjustment - you can get it to a return speed that is fast enough but without bag punching you if you are a bit too low which can happen with the mechanical spring returns - trust me on this one :eekster: :madman:

OK, so I decided to go with the everb, thanks all for your replies.

New questions, how to tell if you get the new hose, and how to tell if it needs bleeding OOB.

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