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Best $600 bike

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Suggestions for middle of the line Hard Tail

Another best bike to buy question. I've riden on and like Gary Fisher bikes. The GF Marlin and Tassajara look good in the $600 range. Does anybody recommend another brand/model in that price range?

Will be used for light trail, heavy trail, and some road riding a few times a week.

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My friend is looking to buy a bike in that range. He's leaning towards the Giant Iguana. Seems to have decent components and disc brakes.
YES, I like the Iguana too. A friend had one way back when. Anybody know the difference in the RockShox Pilot XC that come on the Tassajara and the RockShox Pilot C that comes on the Iguana? I'm sure not much of a difference, but somebosy might know.

04 Specialized Hardrock Pro

Check out the 04 Specialized Hardrock Pro. My step-dad has one and likes it. My brother-in-law has one on layaway. You can find them for less the $600.
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