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Work takes me to the Orem area a few times a year. So, I am on the hunt for solid trail suggestions for the type of riding I like: I like to climb and descend singletrack as much as possible. Probably 6-10mi rides are all I have time for unless the ride is more cross-country & lacking long slogging climbs to slow me down. I'm not that concerned about difficulty even with the elevation, but I ride a 120mm/100MM XC/Trail rig so I'm not looking for downhill/enduro type trails. I'll suffer for a good ride.

I looked at Utah Mountain Biking - Trails, Information, Repairs, but not being super familiar with the area in terms of driving time from Orem and trail types its tough for me to judge what's a good ride.

Thanks for any suggestions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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