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Best 29er for $2,000?

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Niner, Gunnar, Specialized, Gary Fisher, what???

I'm thinking about buying a nicer 29er and have $2,000 to spend.

If you were limited to $2,000, what 29er would you buy and what components would you want to be sure are on it?

Thanks for your feedback.
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This is the one I bought and I had the same decision to make, and the same dollar amount you do.

It's hard to beat with the component group and a Ti frame. It's well made and rides great.'s sette razzo is a great bang for the buck at $1300
Local bike shop has a Dos Niner build for 2k which seems like a good deal.

Dos niner frame. WTB wheeset. X9 ders. X7 shiftes. Truvativ Stylo GXP cranks. Salsa bars and post. WTB saddle. Reba fork. Juicy 5.
titanium is the best to go rocks...for 2000bucks motobecane offer mor for less...
avid elixir carbon, reba race, xtr drivetrain... lightweight... futures upgrades: tires with more grip or bigger + stans no tubes, carbon handlebars... no more to long
GT Zaskar Pro 9r

Bought a GT Zaskar Pro 9r last year for around $1800, very happy with it.

Monitor their website and wait for a promo (eg 20% off everything/bikes) before buying.

murtaghstyle said:
Local bike shop has a Dos Niner build for 2k which seems like a good deal.

Dos niner frame. WTB wheeset. X9 ders. X7 shiftes. Truvativ Stylo GXP cranks. Salsa bars and post. WTB saddle. Reba fork. Juicy 5.
yeah, you could do a Dos Niner, or an El Mariachi, depending on your tastes. I've had both and I tend to ride the El Mariachi more, though the Dos is probably a more effective "race bike" for most folks (in that it's more forgiving over a wider range of terrain and is lighter). I like the El Mariachi for the sensation it offers of the trail. It's superb. Choose your weapon. If you've got $2k, you can get a lot of bike...


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I just made the same decision with the same budget. I wound up finding the Mamasita at Speedgoat to be the best deal by far. $1995 w/ no tax and free 3 day air shipping. To top it off all the other items I ordered with the bike they DEAPLY discounted. Very nice people to work with and the bike is beautiful. The picture of the bike on the Salsa website is not that good and the fork is black and not gray like shown on their website. The XT components work super. Here is the exact component list that came on my bike:
XT SM-RT75 Rotors
XT BRM775 Calipers
XT BL-M775 Brake Levers
XT HB-M756 Front Hub
XT FH-M756 Rear Hub
XT CS-M70 Cassette
XT FD-M771 Front Derailer
XT RD-M772 Rear Derailer
XT SL-M770 Rapidfire Shifters
XT CN-HG93 Chain
The crank is the only trhing not XT and it is a Race Face Deus which cost about the same as an XT crank.
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Mail order blows ass. If you are not skilled at building a bike please factor $100 or so into you budget. What if you have a warranty issue? Get out the box and ship off the briken part. Just go to your LBS and buy from them. Some times the cheapest deal isnt the best.
BadPirate said:
Mail order blows ass.
Thank god that dosent happen around here.

You cant go wrong with anything mentioned so far.

Except the ass blowing part.
I am not sure about other mail order places but my bike from Speedgoat was more or less fully assymbled. I had to install the front wheel, slide the seapost in & tighten, and put the fully assymbled handle bar on. About 5 minutes and I was riding.
The best deal for $2000 is to hang around for a bit on here until one of the bike of the month clubbers gets a stiffy for the next best thing and is flogging their $4000 bike that was the flavor of the month perhaps a few months ago that was displaced by their current most favorite and in order to gain acceptance in their bike rack they need to move out the back of the rack model. Usually these bikes are mostly e-ridden with glossy jpegs attached so that the peeps can ooh and aah about what a fine machine it is.:rolleyes:

That is if it is your size anyway. I guess in other words shopping the used market is always at least worth it, especially in the winter. That said I like my $1k invested bike just fine, even though it is 3 years old now and believe me I have spent more on a bike in the past but find it is just not worth it because there is no bike in the world that is going to make me a better rider than just riding my bike will make me.

Carry on.
I would go gary fisher for sure!! check out the GF paragon and the x-caliber they're both right in your price range or if you want a full suspension maybe the HIFI plus, but that's a little over 2grand. I have a GF Rig 29er and i love it!!! That was just over a grand...but i'm saving up for the 2010 GF HIFI pro 29er....once you get on a GF you'll never go back..
My advice...get out there and ride. Test ride as many bikes as you can and once you've narrowed it down test ride those some more. It'll help you decide what you like and don't like. Sometimes bikes look great on the web or on a rack, etc.

If I had $2k to burn right now on a new bike there are a few bikes I'd consider. The top of my list at the moment would be the new Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29er HT (retail $1850) or the Scott Scale 29er (retail $1650). The Stumpy probably won't be discounted much, but the Scott might be less than retail (it is here at my LBS). Either of those would give you a few extra bucks to spend on some upgrades to change the bike fit and/or style to your liking.

I've always wanted to check out a Salsa among other bikes too. Good luck with your purchase whatever it is. :thumbsup:
Cant say enough good things about Speedgoat. Not only do they have some killer deals but they have great customer service and warranty. I had a issue with a Pop loc remote and they replaced it no charge.
I can't say enough good things about Speedgoat either. I just ordered my Mamasita a few weeks ago. I have never ordered a bike or ANY bike part before. I have always gone thru my LBS for everything. I was looking at the SJ and the GF Paragon or building an Air 9. I had a similiar post about a month ago and a couple people suggested I look at the Mamasita at Speedgoat as it was a heck of a deal. The more I looked at reviews on the bike and every single component I decided to call Speedgoat and roll the dice. I have to say they are the nicest people I have ever dealt with. I used their Fit Program and they sent me a CAD drawing of me on my bike w/ all the measurements and a 2 page written synopsise and how each component on the Mamasita would work with my measurements. In my case they needed to switch out the stem with one slightly longer. They kept me informed the whole way and when I got the bike is was all but fully assymbled. I have to say the bike fits perfect and is just flat awsome. I no longer have worries about buying a bike on-line (at least with Speedgoat). I got a better bike than the SJ or GF for the same (more likely less) money once you condsider no tax or shipping charges.
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I got my '09 Gary Fisher Paragon for $1700 from my LBS last spring. Both the cheapest price around, and a local shop to help me out, and all that jazz.
I would get an On One Scandal frame for $300 or a Misfit Dissent for $400 online and then spend the rest building an awesome bike.
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