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I know everyone wants

long lasting
top traction
FAST (Easy Rolling)

Since that's impossible, I'm asking opinions for a SC Blur, 26" wheels. Looking for a long lasting tire that is really light. I will say for the sake of not having a ridiculous expectation that traction and cost are secondary.

I don't want the tires slipping or sliding out every corner or climb, but I don't ride so hard that if it slips I risk death! I ride hard, but relatively slow, and rubber only goes airborne rarely.

Speed is kept generally on the slow end of things, no faster than 20mph. Faster than that and I'm going in a straight line anyways. I don't ride so hard that wash outs are a major concern, mostly slower speed technical.

Almost never see water or mud, it's desert here.

So, fast rolling, light, long lasting.

Any recommendations?



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[HR][/HR]26x2.2 Maxxis Ikons. TR, if you're running tubeless. EXO, if you need more sidewall protection. Just okay traction and cornering, low rolling resistance but wear well and vary from 480 grams to 585 for the 3c, EXO, TR. Volume is pretty honest. The TR/EXO/3C version on my wife's bike is 58 mm carcass and about 55 mm tread.
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