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mtnbiker1973 said:
If you had to drive 6 or 7 hours just to ride the berryman trail, would it be worth it? This would be the ONLY reason i'd be there.
Not by itself, but in the vicinity is Council Bluffs and the 2 together are definitely worth the trip. And if you have more time there's a few others in the area of worth.

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I think so...

I've ridden it at least 50 times. In the rain, hot and dry, winter time covered in snow and I've loved it every time. It got kind of rough a few years back but I did it this winter on my ss and it was great. They've recently thinned out some areas so it looks like some hacker came through cutting trees for fun, I guess this is good for forest as a whole.

In addition to Council Bluffs Lake you can ride North Trace section of the Ozark Trail from CBL. There is a connector trail from Berryman to NT also. From CBL the South Trace leaves where NT ends but it's very rough, and they're building a new section called Middlefork which tees ST a few miles south of CBL.

Berryman - 24m loop.
CBL - 12.5m loop.
Connect to Ozark Trail from CBL- mile or two(iffy when wet, I take the road).
NT - 13m out and back.
Connect to Berryman - 6/8m? not sure.
ST - 14m out and back(rough and easy to get lost).
Middlfork - 13+ out and back, plus several miles on ST.

The only tip I have on Berryman is that it's ALL single track, if you're on anything else, you're not on the trail. I like to camp at Berryman campground and ride clockwise but I know many who like it the other way. The Brazil Creek camp ground usually has a lot of horses, Berryman is just quieter and less smelly. Both primitive.

Btw, you have the perfect bike for these here parts. Lots of ups and downs but no huge climbs, and rocky (tons of switch backs). I guessed one time that Berryman has about 2000' elev gain.
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