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Bergen Peak 01-15-10

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Consistant snow pack most of the way. A little ice on the southern exposures.


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It was absolutely my pleasure. And thanks to PBR Me! for getting me to quit going round and round and round at Pine Valley:D
Awesome! Did you have to hoof it much? I ran up to where Too Long picks up on Sunday and there was pretty heavy snowpack. Looked like the trail hadn't even seen much foot traffic up past that steep section with the water bars -- the snow past that point seemed too soft and deep make riding much fun, but perhaps it's compacted a bit. I contemplated riding it earlier this week, but figured I'd wind up hiking a lot anyway, and opted for some more running instead. Maybe next week...
^^^ u living back here again?
Give a call :thumbsup:
bad andy! said:
^^^ u living back here again?
Give a call :thumbsup:
Kinda sorta, for a while. At a minimum, it looks like I'll be out here a lot more this spring and summer, hopefully transitioning back if things work out as we hope. I'll give you a shout to catch up -- been meaning to anyway, just lazy. Soooo lazy...
I knocked it out while temps were in the 30s. The packed snow was solid all the way and the Conti MK/RQ combo hooked-up like riding on dry dirt. That 1/2 mile or so between the DMP and wildlofe management signs was the tough part. The packed in between the rocks and roots broke my stride many times. But the only time I had to hoof it was a steep stretch near the north overlook where I was just suckin' wind. Some of that snow in the woods is pretty deep so it could be a bad trip when it gets soft
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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