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Bent rotor: repairable?

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Bent rotor: repairable?

Hey guys,

I guess I got really unlucky – I managed to bend my rotor to a good degree in a simple fall. I imagine that my rotor hit something pointy sticking out of the ground head on.
I have previously “spot trued” my rotor by using a 6” adjustable wrench, and viewing it through the caliper. Will a similar method work this time (minus viewing through the caliper until the rotor is at least SEMI true)

These are 6”, Shimano XT Disc rotors. Please find the photos of the bend attached.

Thanks for any tips and comments!


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i think bike shops sell tools for that, but urs looks pretty bad...then again, i relly dont know for sure
that is pretty good. Maybe take it to a machine shop and get it pressed. Make sure the rotor bolts/holes aren't stretched before you take time to see if its fixable.
Bloodfist said:
Bent rotor: repairable?
I'm sure I'd have fun straightening that with my Morningstar Drumstix.
For goodness sakes just replace the thing, the average rotor is $20-$40 bucks you'll spend half that much getting your LBS to straighten the thing. After its gets straightend, what about the integrity of it now I have seen people get those rotors straightend using a press with heat treatment and a month down the road after riding and heating the rotor up from brake applications the rotor had reverted back to it's damaged shape! It's something about steel and heat it just doesn't dispurse properly IMO.
If you bend it straight again it might work harden and become brittle then you'd have to heat treat it again and if not done right would ruin it, you might be able to bend it back with no ill effects. I'd just get a new one.
I have tried to true a rotor like that without success. I would give it another try if I had no cash, lots of free time and a good vice. Otherwise buy a new one and be done with it.
that's one for the record books.......

hey man how did you manage to bend them that bad ? I recommend a new one- but if you had the correct tools , you might be able to make it work- I'd recommend swapping it to the rear. If any one's tools would clean it up - the Morningstar DRUMSTIX would have the best chance. good luck:p :p
I've seen worse. I don't think the Morningstar tools will work. Your best bet is a hydraulic press. And even then, the holes and arms can stretch. The physical properties of the steel can also be affected. You're much better off with a new rotor.
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