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How exactly do I know if I have a bent rim? I went to go clean up my bike today and noticed that the back brake (v-brake) was rubbing against the tire and rim of the back wheel. I screwed around with the brake for awhile thinking that it was the problem, but soon realized that when I spun the wheel, it wobbled back and forth slightly. I opened up the quick release and took the wheel out, held it by the axle, and spun it. It still seemed to look distorted a little bit (looked a little like there was a bulge at one point of the wheel) but enough so that it would severely impact riding...

Any ideas of what the problem may be? Is it possible its a loose spoke? If likely, how exactly do I check each spoke correctly? If it seems to be a bent rim, how do I go about fixing it? Costs?

It should probably be noted that the last time I rode the bike before noticing any problem I was doing a few small drops ( 2-3 feet). I was either landing on the back wheel first, or on both wheels at the same time. Its a hardtail specialized stumpjumper with Mavic 221 rims. Here's a link for all the specs on the bike: link

Thanks for your help!
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