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bent disk

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I have a 08 unduro expert and i somehow bent the rear disk. I dont think I hit it on anything, maybe bumped it putting the back wheel on. Can it be straightened, how? Or is it a replacement thing? The bike is a month old with 90 miles on it.
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Depends how bad it got bent. You can just grab it with your (not bare!) hands and gently bend it back into shape.
When you put the wheel back on are you sure it is all the way in the drop outs and not cocked a little? I have donre that. As dmcgoy say you can bend it back by hand. You can also use 2 small crescent wrenches to true it up.
Ill try the cresent wrenches. Its just quick bend that I can hear scrape the pads every time it goes around. I just didnt know how strong the metal was, or if it was worth messing with. I plan on upgrading the brakes at some point, just not yet if I can help it. I guess ill be a little easier muscling the back wheel on this thing in the future. My road bike is alot less trouble to get the wheel on.
crescent wrench works great... remember to put a clean rag over the spot to be trued so you don't gouge the rotor w/ the wrench
also...they can take some pressure, so don't be scared to push kinda firm.
i just bent mine pretty bad and i cant get that thing straight. how much is a cheap one cost.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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